‘His brush was coated with butter’ - Letters to the editor: September 2023

LOTM Ayke_and_Heifetz

A selection of letters The Strad receives each month from its readers around the world: September 2023 issue

To notate or not to notate

Regarding the recollections of my outstanding colleagues Ayke Agus and Zina Schiff on whether Jascha Heifetz used predetermined fingerings and bowings (‘Inside Jascha Heifetz’s teaching studio’, bit.ly/3Owzfms) I would like to comment on their observations. Mr Heifetz used fully fingered and bowed music for his own use. For public performances he had totally unmarked parts. He considered his own markings as his intellectual property. Fellow violinists from the audience were mightily surprised when rushing to his music stand to find an unmarked violin part…

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