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    Cuarteto Quiroga performs Brahms on decorated Stradivarius instruments


    The musicians of the Quiroga Quartet perform the second movement of Brahms's Second String Quartet on a unique set of decorated Stradivarius instruments belonging to the Madrid Royal Palace. The musicians were named the Palace's first artists in residence in 2013, allowing them access to the Strads ...

  • CelloCover

    Quad City Symphony Orchestra launches ‘100 Years, 100 Cellos’


    The Quad City Symphony Orchestra , which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary, has launched '100 Years, 100 Cellos', aimed at raising funds for its music education programmes. One hundred cellos have been transformed by artists from the Quad-City area † the region of four counties in ...

  • StradDec1993

    From the archive: The tale of the King of Spain Strads


    The set of decorated Stradivari instruments housed at the Royal Palace of Madrid made news recently when they received their first public performance, by the Quiroga Quartet from Spain (see link below). The stringed instruments have an eccentric history, shrouded in mystery and conflicting views. Stradivari made them for the ...

  • 7 cr Patrimonio Nacional

    Royal Palace of Madrid decorated Stradivari quartet receives first public performance


    The musicians of the Quiroga Quartet from Spain have been named the first artists in residence of the Royal Palace of Madrid, allowing them access to the unique set of decorated Stradivari instruments on display as part of the Royal Collection exhibition. The residency, instigated by the Patrimonio Nacional, which ...