The independent artist's husband has been diagnosed with cancer


Cellist and The Strad January 2014 cover star Zoë Keating has announced a hiatus from music and from her 1.2m Twitter followers so that she can spend time with her husband Jeff, who has been diagnosed with cancer.

‘My husband Jeff has been sick with a mysterious illness for several months,’ she wrote on her social network pages. ‘It’s not so mysterious any more. My man, my best friend, my partner-in-crime for 16 years has cancer… Lungs, brain, liver, bones. We’re at the hospital. He is a warrior. We are fighting it. I have to be strong and present for Jeff and for our son, and I might be away from music and social media for a while. Please, don’t send any condolences. Send strength and love and positive healing vibes, prayers, chants…all of it.’

In February Keating published a breakdown of her 2013 earnings as a public document on Google Drive. The highly tech-savvy, independent artist has sold more than 60,000 albums.

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