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  • Mystery 12.1

    From the Archive: Andrea Amati, 1564 ‘Charles IX’ violin from the Ashmolean Museum collection


    In this extract from an article from the December 1991 issue of The Strad, Roger Hargrave discusses the ‘Charles IX’ Andrea Amati instruments with particular reference to this 1564 example from the Hill collection at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford

  • Violino carlo ix crop

    From The Strad Calendar 2018: Violin by Andrea Amati, c.1566


    Based in Cremona, the Friends of Stradivari network brings together instruments owned by collectors and stringed-instrument enthusiasts from around the world. The Strad Calendar 2018 celebrates twelve of these treasures, with this violin from a private collection in Germany featuring in October. Text by John Dilworth

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    Federico Guglielmo plays Andrea Amati violin


    In this video filmed at the Palazzo Marino in Milan, Federico Guglielmo plays a Sonata by Cremonese composer of the Early Baroque, Nicolò Corradini. Accompanied by Diego Cantalupi on chitarrone, Guglielmo plays a 1570 Andrea Amati violin made for Charles IX of France. The violin is currently exhibited at the ...

  • Digital amati program

    Digital Amati: a computer program putting luthiers back in touch with ancient principles


    A decade ago, François Denis’s Traité de Lutherie showed how the old Italians used Euclidean geometry to design their instruments. Now a computer program based on these principles allows luthiers to construct and adapt patterns quickly and easily. Its creator, Harry Mairson, explains the genesis of Digital Amati

  • ScanningAmati

    Medical scans reveal secrets of world's oldest cello


    Researchers at the National Music Museum in South Dakota, US, have used hospital scanning equipment to gather information on the construction of what is thought to be the oldest surviving cello, the 'King', made by the 16th-century Cremonese luthier Andrea Amati (c.1505–1577).Matthew Zeller, a graduate research assistant at the museum ...