A range of matching bags and instrument cases that aims to offer a unified look to image-conscious players


’Louis Vuitton started out designing trunks, and Hermès made reins and saddles for horses long before they started on handbags,’ says Robert Goetz of French case manufacturer BAM. ‘There’s a proud history of moving from utility into fashion while maintaining the same reputation for quality and expertise.’ With the launch of the maker’s new ‘France’ range of matching cases, handbags (with built-in sheet music compartments), holdalls and suitcases, it’s clear that Goetz sees his firm as part of that tradition. For now, the kind of jetsetter BAM seems to have in mind for these sleek calfskin bags and instrument cases might not be getting much further than the local supermarket. ‘But when restrictions do lift,’ Goetz continues, ‘we want musicians to be able to travel in style.’

The BAM France instrument case, available for violin, viola and cello, has a black leather top and a brushed aluminium bottom and handle with a non-slip rubber panel. ‘Vegan’ versions, which use imitation leather instead, are also available. Beneath the high-spec exterior is the same shell the maker uses for its L’Étoile range – a three-ply structure of ABS plastic and lightweight Airex foam. The cases weigh around the same as their L’Étoile counterparts, and, like them, have space for two bows and come with detachable neoprene shoulder straps. The range is the result of a collaboration with British violinist (and latterly Olympic skier) Vanessa-Mae and carries a new logo – a mirror image of two C clefs – that BAM hopes will distinguish its premium France line from its regular cases.

Nevertheless, as Goetz explains, the cases are not intended to attract undue attention. ‘Every item in the range is black,’ he says. ‘It’s important that players feel comfortable using our products around their peers, so we didn’t want to make anything that looked too blingy or over the top. They shouldn’t have to choose between looking good and keeping their belongings safe – musicians deserve nice luggage too!’

BAM France cases from €830

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