A chin rest that can be tailored to players’ individual needs


Paganino’s new ebony Musanus 3D chin rest is ‘continuously adjustable in all directions’, says the German retailer’s chief executive Peter Weilacher. Players can adjust the angle, height and position of the accessory to suit both their preferences and their instrument’s rib size. This could be useful, in particular, for young players who need to adjust their chin rest as they grow. It comes pre-packaged with a screwdriver and extra screws for adjustments, and although content marketing manager Bettina Münch admits that at first ‘it might look a bit complicated,’ she claims that ‘it really isn’t!’

The adjustable, synthetic chin rest clamp can be fitted to violins and violas with ribs that are 36–44mm high, using the screwdriver. Once the clamp is in place on the instrument, players can raise the height of the chin rest to a maximum of 38mm, and alter its angle by adjusting the two screws that join the chin rest to the clamp. Of her own experience with the product as an amateur violist, Münch says, ‘It’s more relaxing if you don’t have to fix your head to one side, which could give you a stiff neck.’

The accessory is available in Berber, Teka, Guarneri and Flesch models, so that ‘players can use their favourite chin rest with new possibilities,’ says Münch. ‘People are happy to a find one chin rest that they can adjust to suit them, instead of having to use one standard size. It’s a completely different feeling.’

Paganino Musanus 3D chin rest €99.50

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