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    In focus: a 1782 cello by William Forster II


    Bradley Strauchen-Scherer examines an instrument from Britain’s foremost dynasty of violin and cello makers

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    Trade Secrets: Regluing split corner-blocks


    A reliable method for rejoining blocks split for a restoration, particularly useful for cello repairs

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    Making Matters: Baroque to the future


    Luthier Mathijs Heyligers has recently completed a project to give the same Baroque set-up to a chamber orchestra’s entire string section. What happened – and how did it change the sound? 

  • 1672-1713
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    Curiouser and curiouser


    Was the 1672 ‘Mahler’ the first viola ever made by Antonio Stradivari? As Jonathan Marolle explains, this is just one of the unanswerable questions that arise when studying this fascinating instrument

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    A measured approach


    Although the many varied methods of stringed instrument making have been analysed countless times, the actual production process has hardly been questioned in its 450-year history. Luan Amorim and Amanda Schwegler use techniques taken from engineering to survey the time and cost factors – and come up with some unusual ...

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    In focus: the 1728 'Milanollo' Stradivari


    Roger Hargrave examines the Stradivari ‘Milanollo’ violin of 1728, one of the few of the master’s instruments to keep its original sharpness

  • Antoine Nédélec

    9 views on antiquing a modern violin


    Tips and opinions from The Strad's archive on capturing a classic look in new instruments – or not

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    In focus: the 1696 Stradivari 'Archinto' viola


    John Dilworth praises the archetypal beauty of Stradivari’s ‘Archinto’ viola, a magical example of form and aesthetic

  • Cannone museum case

    Paganini's 'Il Cannone' violin played in Columbus, Ohio


    This clip from the Columbus Dispatch shows Columbus Symphony concertmaster Joanna Frankel trying out ‘Il Cannone’, Paganini’s favourite violin, during its weeklong stay at the Columbus Museum of Art. The violin, made in 1743 by Guarneri ‘Del Gesù’, was nicknamed ‘Il Cannone’ (the cannon) by Paganini because of its ...

  • PBS newshour stradivari woods

    PBS NewsHour segment on Italian spruce tonewood forests


    Severe storms last year tore down vast swathes of spruce forest in the Italian Alps, including in the Fiemme valley where conditions favour growth suitable for tonewood. As The Strad has reported , efforts have been ongoing to process trees suitable for tonewood before they begin to deteriorate. ...