• Chipped corner

    Ask the Experts: protecting your instrument from chips and nicks


    A panel of luthiers give their thoughts on some unusual marks that have appeared on the surface of a violinist's instrument over the course of his playing career

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    From the Archive: a violin by G.B. Rogeri, large pattern, 1697


    This illustration of a violin by Giovanni Battista Rogeri was published in The Strad, February 1914. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs: The larger violins of this great maker are exceedingly scarce. This Rogeri’s ordinary fiddles are, relatively speaking, numerous enough, and are about ...

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    Can you tell a fake instrument from the genuine article?


    With more and more instrument forgeries finding their way on to the market, how do experts, dealers and buyers stay wise to deception? Femke Colborne finds out

  • Pablo Ferrandez stradivari

    Comparing 3 Stradivari cellos


    Pablo Ferrández visits the Nippon Music Foundation to compare the 1696 'Lord Aylesford' cello he has on loan with two others by Stradivari, the 1730 'De Munck, Feuermann' and the 1736 'Ladenburg' (part of the 'Paganini' quartet).  

  • Mystery_5Sept2014
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    From the Archive: a violin by Giovanni Grancino, Milan 1714


    This illustration of a violin by Giovanni Grancino was published in The Strad, April 1914. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs: Of the various Grancini, the instruments of Giovanni (1675-1737) are probably best known. Those of his father, sons, and various other relatives are ...

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    My Space: Julia van der Waerden


    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Tim Phillips Revolin 2
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    Life out of balance


    While many luthiers are happy making stringed instruments to the standard form, others are keen to explore the possibilities of alternative patterns. Peter Somerford discovers how asymmetric designs can affect tone quality, projection, acoustics and player comfort 

  • Rose
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    An unexpected twist


    The few remaining guitars by Antonio Stradivari have distinctive characteristics – which proved useful when another example came to light recently in a museum collection. Emiliano Marinucci and Lorenzo Frignani tell the story

  • Dai Ting Chung
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    The Jewel of Taiwan: The Strad Calendar 2020


    The Chimei Museum in Taiwan houses the largest collection of stringed instruments in the world.The Strad Calendar 2020 marks 30 years since its founding, as Dai-Ting Chung and Andrew Guan highlight some of the remarkable treasures within its walls

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    Making Matters: Shaping the head


    Violin makers have always been aware of physical issues like repetitive strain injury – but it’s just as important to take care of their mental health and wellbeing. John Beames examines some of the most common problems, and suggests some ways to combat them