The German Musical Instruments Fund has awarded 31 young German string players with loans of instruments from its 180-strong collection. The 18 violins, 4 violas and 9 cellos went to performers in the fund's competition, which this year was held in Hamburg.

Among the highest-scoring participants in the competition were cellist Norbert Anger, 25, and 19-year-old violinist Christina Brabetz. Anger received an Andrea Guarneri cello from 1691. Brabetz was awarded the 1761 G.B. Guadagnini formerly played by Thomas Brandis when he was concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic. Violinists Tobias Feldmann, 22, and Albrecht Menzel, 21, were both assigned Stradivari violins.

Three contemporary instruments were also loaned to young players. Cellists Vashti Hunter and Konstantin Bruns received instruments by Frank Ravatin and Stephan von Baehr respectively. Violist Kyoungmin Park was presented with an instrument by Patrick Robin.  

In addition to this year's new loans, 25 successful participants of previous competitions were allowed to keep their instruments for either one or two more years.