Waltham Forest Cello Festival

  • WalthamForestCelloFest.2021.Poster

    Sponsored: Waltham Forest Cello Fest 2021

    2021-05-11T09:51:00Sponsored by Waltham Forest Cello Festival, by Bergen International Festival

    Now in its third year, the London-based celebration of all things cello is back with a jam-packed programme of events

  • Double bass

    Stringtelligence by Thomastik-Infeld - Double bass strings

    2019-12-13T14:05:00Sponsored by Thomastik-Infeld, by Waltham Forest Cello Festival

    In the latest instalment of his monthly blog, Franz Klanner, director of engineering and technology at Thomastik-Infeld, discusses double bass strings