The Stradivarius violin belonging to London-based violinist Min-Jin Kym that was stolen at a Pret a Manger sandwich bar in London’s Euston Station in November 2010 and later recovered by police, has sold for £1.385m ($2.27m) at auction.

The sale price exceeds the £1.2m valuation attached to the Strad when it disappeared three years ago. The instrument was recovered by police in the Midlands in July this year following a police investigation that lasted over two and a half years and involved leads across Europe.

Jason Price, director of Tarisio auction house, said the 1696 Stradivarius was purchased by ‘a British music festival led by an English violinist’. 

Online bidding for the auction opened at £1m. A portion of the proceeds and sales commission will benefit the authorities who contributed towards the recovery of the violin.


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Photo Tarisio