Perhaps not studied as much as bowing technique, there’s more to pizzicato than you might think. Explore our resources on how to enhance your plucking game: Left Hand and Right Hand

Esther Yoo Pizzicato

Esther Yoo’s practice tips: chord pizzicato


Yoo shares how mimicking a guitar pick with the index finger and thumb can help violinists with strumming technique

Only for PUTS symphonic concerts

The Strad Podcast Episode #55: Time For Three on triple concertos


Violinists Nick Kendall and Charles Yang, and double bassist Ranaan Meyer speak about triple concerto commissions, plus their favourite string techniques

Left Hand


Violinist Ray Chen gives left-hand pizzicato lesson


Violinist Ray Chen gives a video lesson on mastering left-hand pizzicato, as demonstrated in Paganini's Caprice no.24.

Right Hand

Joan Jeanrenaud

Former Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanrenaud on pizzicato techniques


Pizzicato style is rarely analysed, but is so vital in modern repertory says the artist, who performed with the contemporary quartet for 20 years