Perhaps not studied as much as bowing technique, there’s more to pizzicato than you might think. Explore our resources on how to enhance your plucking game: Left Hand and Right Hand


How harmonics and singing can help to build a sound technique


Violin and viola pedagogue Jane Metcalfe discusses using techniques inspired by Kodály and Colourstrings methods

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‘Begin with some finger push-ups’ - Technique: Left-hand finger independence


How to build strength and flexibility for a truly agile left hand with Adriana LaRosa Ransom, professor of cello and string project director at Illinois State University, US

Left Hand


Violin techniques with James Ehnes: pizzicato


‘Basically, you’re going to grab the string and pull it’

Right Hand

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Technique: How to vary and enhance your cello pizzicato


Soloist and chamber musician Christoph Richter talks about good pizz technique with particular attention to the range of sound demanded by Debussy's Cello Sonata. From The Strad's November 2015 issue