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  • Guadagnini front

    From the archive: double basses by Montagnana, Rocca, Guadagnini and Panormo


    These photos were published in the February 1991 issue of The Strad in a focus on the double bass, including a interviews with Barry Guy, and Samuel Barry Kolstein, a profile of the Ouchard bass bow making workshop, and a tribute to Towry Piper whose 1911 articles for ...

  • Landes thumbnail

    Comparing a $62 factory violin to a $285,000 Testore


    Classicaly trained violinist and prolific YouTuber Rob Landes visits Peter Prier Sons in Salt Lake City, Utah, to compare a $62 factory violin bought from Amazon against a 1794 Vincenzo Panormo, an 1885 Giuseppe Scarampella and finally a 1700 Carlo Giuseppe Testore.

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    From the Archive: a violin by Joseph Panormo


    This illustration of a violin by Joseph Panormo was published in The Strad, May 1986. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs: Joseph Panormo was the eldest son of Vincenzo Panormo and his father's principal apprentice until the beginning of the 19th century. Born ...