The New York-based musician was active with several Baroque ensembles and was formerly co-concertmaster of the Stuttgart Baroque Orchestra’s 

Karen Marie Marmer

Karen Marie Marmer

The US violinist Karen Marie Marmer has died at the age of 63. With her husband, fellow violinist Jorg-Michael Schwarz, she led the New York-based Rebel Baroque Ensemble, acting as its manager and publicist as well as performing with the group.

Born in 1957, Marmer studied with Israel Chorberg and Ruth Waterman at the Aaron Copland School of Music in New York City, and with Syoko Aki at the Yale School of Music. She learnt Baroque violin with Jaap Schroeder, Marilyn MacDonald and Lucy van Dael.

During her career, Marmer performed with a number of European and American Baroque outfits, including the Netherlands Bach Society, Capriccio Stravagante, Ensemble Baroque de Mateus, the Smithsonian Chamber Orchestra and the American Bach Soloists. She also served as principal with the New York Collegium, American Classical Orchestra and the Grande Bande in New York, as well as the Stuttgart Baroque Orchestra for which she served as co-concertmaster (1991–96).

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Marmer was also the founder of the chamber series Musica Antiqua Nova, based in Westchester, New York, and remained its producer. She was artistic director of the Tableau Vivant ensemble, while she and Schwarz also performed as the Black Marble Duo.