Setting a new standard in sound, comfort and adjustability for shoulder rests, explore the popular KorfkerRest line of products with insights from violinist and inventor, Berent Korfker


Violinist and inventor Berent Korfker

During Pirastro’s 225-year history, our company has always been at the forefront of innovation. Over five generations our family business has developed an unmatched range of musical instrument strings, inspired by the needs and desires of musicians worldwide. In addition to this comprehensive selection of strings made from synthetic, steel and gut core, Pirastro also offers a range of accessories including rosins, shoulder rests and string care products.  

Partnering with violinist and inventor Berent Korfker, Pirastro developed the popular KorfkerRest line of products. ’Ever since discovering the adverse effect conventional shoulder rests have on the sound and response of our beloved instruments, it has been my dream to free them from these constraints,’ says Korfker. ’I want the unique character and quality of every instrument to be heard to its fullest!’ From its introduction, now 10 years ago, the KorfkerRest set a new standard in sound, comfort and adjustability, starting a new chapter in Pirastro’s dedication to excellence in music. 

The PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2 for violin and viola is crafted from bendable maple tonewood and offers an extra level of personalisation and individuality with its finely adjustable legs. When adding the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® LUNA® for violin to the KorfkerRest family in March 2023, Pirastro focused on the needs of those players who look for comfort and convenience. Meticulously manufactured in Germany from a custom, sound-optimised synthetic compound, this remarkable rest seamlessly blends superior ergonomic design and functionality with integrity of sound. ’Through a process of testing and elimination, we sound-tested dozens of different exclusive custom-made compounds until we could confidently say that we were as close as we were ever going to be to the original sound of our test instruments,’ Korfker states. 



The KorfkerRest LUNA boasts an easy-to-use barrel leg and click system with foldable legs for super precise adjustments and a perfect fit. Each of the six differently sized interchangeable barrel legs effortlessly becomes an integral and secure part of the rest with a satisfying click. From 3/4 to full size, this rest seamlessly adapts to every violin.  

Offering the same feather-light feel, both the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest® Model 2 and the KorfkerRest LUNA for violin weigh only 32 grams, less than half of the average shoulder rest. ’The weight of a shoulder rest also factors hugely in our feeling of comfort,’ mentions Korfker. ’When raising and lowering one’s instrument countless times during a rehearsal or performance, heavy rests really can add strain to our wrists. It is therefore very rewarding when players write that they find using our rests is like playing without one.’

The final touch: super-light and secure rubber feet, already known from the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest Model 2, complementing the perfect union of light weight and stability.  

In their own unique way, both the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest Model 2 and the KorfkerRest LUNA show off the true timbre of any instrument and provide unrestricted dynamics. Korfker concludes: ’Designing the KorfkerRest LUNA was an exciting journey, and what has been so heartwarming is how, since its introduction one year ago, the KorfkerRest LUNA has quickly gathered an enthusiastic group of fans all over the world!’

Stay tuned for further additions to our KorfkerRest family soon. 

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