Twenty-six competitors have been accepted for event taking place in October across three Finnish cities


The young cellists who have passed pre-selection for the 2018 International Paulo Cello Competition are:

  • Teresa Beldi (Germany)
  • Bryan Cheng (Canada)
  • Leonardo Chiodo (Finland)
  • Brannon Cho (USA)
  • JooYeon Choi ( South Korea)
  • Elia Cohen Weissert (Germany)
  • Christoph Croisé (Switzerland)
  • Rainer Crosett (USA)
  • Iago Domínguez Eiras (Spain)
  • Zlatomir Fung (USA)
  • Jérémy Garbarg (France)
  • Johannes Gray (USA)
  • Irena Josifoska (Hungary)
  • Minji Kim (South Korea)
  • Maciej Kułakowski (Poland)
  • Christine Lee (South Korea)
  • Gabriel Martins (USA)
  • Sirja Nironen (Finland)
  • Jonas Palm (Germany)
  • Timotheos Petrin (Greece)
  • Senja Rummukainen (Finland)
  • Tony Rymer (USA)
  • Ivan Sendetskiy (Russia)
  • Sayaka Selina Studer (Switzerland)
  • Ildikó Szabó (Hungary
  • Michiaki Ueno (Japan)

 The competition, which last took place in 2013, offers a top prize of  €20.000 plus various other cash prizes. In its previous edition it was won by Kian Soltani (pictured).

The jury comprises Arto Noras (chair), Frans Helmerson, Maria Kliegel, Laurence Lesser, Ivan Monighetti, Philippe Muller, Li-Wei Qin, Martti Rousi, and Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi