The work of talented women luthiers will be spotlighted at exhibits hosted by Potter Violins, Reuning & Son Violins and Sapp Violins from May to July 2024


Photo: Itzel Àvila

Potter Violins, Reuning & Son Violins and Sapp Violins are proud to announce Celebrating Women Luthiers, an International exhibit taking place from May through July of 2024. The exhibit will showcase the work of the growing community of women makers from around the globe.


Photo: Raquel Salazar Saldivar & Federica Theony

With a range of both instruments and bows, there will be many opportunities for players and makers to connect and experience the work of these makers. A variety of events accompanying the exhibit will also showcase the work of female composers. As a continuation of the inaugural exhibition in 2022 by Huthmaker Violins, Brobst Violins, and Vermont Violins; this will continue to recognise the work of this talented group of women and continue to inspire and grow current and future generations of Women Luthiers.  

The exhibit will begin at Potter Violins in May in Washington, DC continuing to Reuning & Son Violins in New York City in June and completing its journey in Batavia, IL at Sapp Violins. The list of participants exceeds 40 talented women violin and bow makers from around the world. 

Everyone is welcome to experience the Celebrating Women Luthiers International Exhibit. Viewings of the violins, violas, cellos, and bows are open to the public at all locations. If you are looking to purchase an instrument or learn more about violin makers this exhibit cannot be missed.  

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All the luthiers that will feature at Celebrating Women Luthiers 2024

Potter Violins, Washington, DC

3 to 11 May 2024 

Potter Violins will highlight these instruments with special events. The exhibit will start with a special ‘Meet the Makers Open House’. There will also be two chamber concerts spotlighting women composed chamber music performed on the exhibit instruments. All events are designed to showcase the dazzling violins, violas, cellos, and bows all handmade in the tradition of great makers.

Reuning & Son Violins, New York, NY

3 to 9 June 2024 

Reuning & Son Violins will be hosting a panel discussion focusing on the unique perspective of women in the industry as well as a concert showcasing the instruments from our fantastic collaborators and amazing musical community.  

Sapp Violins, Batavia, IL

13 to 19 July 2024 

Sapp Violins will welcome all those interested at their flagship store in Batavia. With showings and meeting women luthiers at their Open House. A visit to Sapp Violins can’t be missed.