Philip Vaiman appeals for dealers and luthiers to keep a look-out for valuable instruments and bows, including a Sartory

Los Angeles based violinist Philip Vaiman has contacted The Strad with the following message:

‘Dear friends and colleagues,

‘During my move from one place to another, my car has been stolen. Unfortunately, there were a number of fine, valuable and historically important instruments and bows inside that vehicle. The certificates were also in the car so this is what I could gather.

‘Please let me or West Los Angeles Police Department know if you come across any of this instruments.’

The following items were stolen:

  • Fine Italian violin , 7/8, Milanese c.1820-50. Letter certificate attached.
  • Fine French violin by Augustin Claudot. c.1830
  • Swiss viola, 16 inches, by Claude Gillioz, 1983
  • Fine silver/ebony French violin bow by Joseph Rene Lafleur c.1850. Pictured as an example #4 in the L’Archet. Photograph and certificate attached.
  • Fine silver/ebony French violin bow by Joseph Arthur Vigneron c.1890. Certificate attached.
  • Fine ivory,open-trench, snake wood French viola bow by Charles Gaillard c.1860
  • Fine silver/ebony German violin bow by Albert Nurnberger, sen. c.1880
  • Fine gold/ebony German violin bow by Carl Albert Nurnbrger c.1930
  • Fine silver/ebony with small metal eyes German violin bow by Heinrich Knopf c.1860
  • Fine silver/ebony French violin bow by Eugène Sartory c.1920

Vaiman’s contact details are: Phone: 1.213.505.4712, email:, while the police contact is: Detective Doyle, Los Angeles Police Department (West Los Angeles Area), Phone: 1.310.444.1580 Email: