Launched in 1952, the competition focuses each year on different instrumental categories, selected from 21 disciplines


Trio Isimsiz
©Kaupo Kikkas

The 67th ARD International Music Competition offers four categories: viola, piano trio, voice, and trumpet. It is offering a first prize of €10,000 for the soloists and €18,000 for the trios, plus cash prizes for second and third place, a number of special prizes, and a host of paid performance opportunities.

It has invited 49 violists and 20 piano trios to its live rounds in Munich in September.

They are:


  • Heejin Chang, South Korea
  • En-Chi Cheng, Taiwan
  • Editha Seung Won Chung, South Korea
  • Njord Kårason Fossnes, Norway
  • Ricardo Gaspar, Portugal
  • Yitong Guo, China
  • Ming-Yu Hsu, Taiwan
  • Saki Ishida, Japan
  • MinGwan Kim, South Korea
  • Sengyun Kim, South Korea
  • Gueli Kim, South Korea
  • Jiwon Kim, South Korea
  • Takehiro Konoe, Japan
  • Georgy Kovalev, Russia
  • Yana Kucherova, Russia
  • Hwayoon Lee, South Korea
  • Sangyoon Lee, South Korea
  • Seo Hyeun Lee, South Korea
  • Geunhee Lee, South Korea
  • Wenguan Li, China
  • Jungmin Lim, South Korea
  • Wenhong Luo, China
  • Anna Lysenko, Ukraine
  • Agnès Mauri Galik, Poland/Spain
  • Diyang Mei, China
  • Seohyun Moon, South Korea
  • Aoi Murase, Japan
  • Wakana Ono, Japan
  • Kouhei Ota, Japan
  • Peter Pavlov, Russia
  • Jing Peng, China
  • Agnieszka Podłucka, Poland 
  • Tobias Reifland, Germany
  • Lara Sophie Schmitt, Austria
  • Ziyu Shen, China
  • Yucheng Shi, China
  • Ayako Tahara, Japan
  • Maya Tal, Israel
  • German Tcakulov, Russia
  • Kei Tojo, Japan
  • Manuel Vioque-Judde, France 
  • Shuhan Wang, China
  • Tung Ou Yang, Taiwan
  • Yuri Yoon, South Korea
  • Paula Zarzo, Spain
  • Lan Zhang, China
  • Qiyun Zhao, China
  • Zhanbo Zheng, China
  • Sarina Zickgraf, Germany

Piano trio

  • Affetto Piano Trio, Poland
  • Amatis Piano Trio, Netherlands/Germany/Austria
  • Aoi Trio, Japan
  • Berliner Trio, Russia/Germany
  • L’Ondine Trio, Bulgaria/Latvia/Germany
  • Lux Trio, South Korea
  • Rodem Trio, South Korea
  • Saint-Petersburg Piano Trio, Russia
  • Trio Adorno, Germany
  • Trio Ambra, Japan
  • Trio Cascara, South Korea
  • Trio Charis, South Korea
  • Trio Elyon, Bulgaria/France/Hungary
  • Trio Hélios, France
  • Trio Idea, South Korea
  • Trio Incendio, Czech Republic
  • Trio Isimsiz, Great Britain/Spain/Bulgaria
  • Trio Marvin, Kasachstan/Russia/Germany
  • Trio Metral, France
  • Trio Sōra, France/Latvia

The ARD Competition has helped to launch the careers of a number of leading musicians throughout the years, including Yuri Bashmet, Christian Tetzlaff, Antoine Tamestit, Jessye Norman, Mitsuko Uchida, Thomas Quasthoff and Heinz Holliger.

For further information regarding participants in other sections of the competition, visit the ARD website here