All six of the top prizes went to students of competition founder Zakhar Bron


Mone Hattori from Japan was yesterday named the winner of the inaugural Boris Goldstein International Violin Competition in Bern, Switzerland. The 15-year-old receives the Grand Prix and a cash award of CHF15,000 (£9,800).

Launched by Professor Zakhar Bron in honour of the violinist’s former instructor, Boris Goldstein, this year’s competition began on 22 January, with the finals taking place on 28 and 29 January. The Closing Ceremony and Prize-winner’s Concert take place today at the Yehudi Menuhin Forum, Bern.

Of the remaining awards: joint first prize was awarded to 28-year-old Stefan Tarara from Germany and to 26-year-old Aleksey Semenenko from Ukraine; third prize went to 24-year-old Shiori Terauchi from Japan; fourth prize to 24-year-old Arsenis Selalmazidis from Greece/Russia; fifth prize to 24-year-old Furong Li from China; and sixth prize to 24-year-old Benjamin Baker from New Zealand/United Kingdom. The six top prize winners are all current students of Bron.

Each of the seven finalists, selected from a second-round field of 14, performed a Mozart violin concerto and one of the larger Romantic concertos, while compulsory repertoire across two preliminary rounds included unaccompanied Bach and selected Paganini Caprices.

The jury included Zakhar Bron, president, Yair Kless, Igor Ozim and Viktor Pikayten.

Videos of the performances are available at

Photo: Zakhar Bron Agency

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