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    Violin maker Guy Rabut featured in Esquire video series 'Handmade'


    This video, featuring New York based violin maker Guy Rabut, was made for’s ‘Handmade’ series in 2017. Director & Cinematographer - Josh K. Brede Creative Producer - Travis Gorzelsky Executive Producer - Anna Jimenez Producer - Christian Nilsson Associate Producer - Sara Cogan Editor - Travis Lee

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    Violin maker Guy Rabut talks about his obsession with wood


    In this extended version of an interview that formed part of The Truth About Trees documentary, New York based violin maker Guy Rabut talks about the importance of fine wood in his profession

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    Violin maker Guy Rabut on when to adjust a soundpost


    If the instrument is no longer self-correcting small changes in sound, then it's time to adjust the soundpost' New York violin maker Guy Rabut gives tips on when to adjust your soundpost, and demonstrates the process. Watch: How to re-hair a violin bow Read: Buying an instrument ...