This illustration of a violin by Stefano Scarampella was published in The Strad, July 1958. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

The founder of the Scarampella family of violin makers, which originated in Brescia, was Paolo who was born in Brescia in 1803 and died there in 1870. He was a self-taught luthier who was originally a carpenter by trade. He was succeeded by two sons, Giuseppe (1838-1885) and Stefano (1843-1927).

Stefano, who was a pupil of his brother Giuseppe, is considered the best maker in the family. He usually followed a model with rather high, well rounded arching, but made many accurate copies of the old masters.

The violin illustrated, which is modelled after Gagliano, dates from Mantua 1901. The two-piece back is of maple of medium figure sloping downwards from the joint. The ribs are of narrow figure and the head, which is of wood cut on the slab, has a similar figure.

The pine of the table is of medium grain at the centre and fine at the edges. The wings on the table are original. The varnish is of light golden-brown colour. It is a characteristic example of the maker’s work in a good state of preservation.

The principal measurements are: Length of Body 13 15/16 inches; Top Bouts 6 3/8 inches (bare); Middle Bouts 4 1/14 inches; Lower Bouts 8 inches.