‘A preposterous suggestion’ - Letters to the editor: February 2023

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A selection of letters The Strad receives each month from its readers around the world: February 2023 issue

Fan favourites

Thank you for posting Cecilia Tan’s account of TwoSet Violin’s special concert to celebrate their four million subscribers (bit.ly/3tKadF6). Anyone who has ever listened to or watched TwoSet Violin will understand just how much these two young men have contributed to the string world. Peers are always very influential and these two are priceless when it comes to bringing the love of stringed instruments to students. I play their videos for my classes and see the students’ eyes light up. And who can get past their silliness and musicianship with Hilary Hahn and the hula hoops? The very fact that they can even begin to play while hula hooping is crazy – but Paganini no.24? Just wow! These young men deserve all the following they have achieved through their channel.

I am sure that within a few years we will be hearing statements like, ‘I saw TwoSet perform in Sydney and discovered that I could have fun while also learning the violin!’ or, ‘When I was very little, I saw these two young people playing violin while using a hula hoop and they still sounded really good. I wanted to try to do that too.’ No matter how one looks at it, they have a great time and it’s infectious. All of a sudden, playing violin or another stringed instrument looks like something fun and exciting to do!


Clearfield, UT, US…

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