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  • Kuuisto

    Pekka Kuusisto plays Finnish folk song


    In this second instalment of Pekka Kuusisto’s folk song videos from his home in Finland, the violinst plays a minuet from the village of Tuikka (Tjöck) in Ostrobothnia, a region of western Finland.  

  • English_Fiddle1
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    What does the future hold for English fiddling?


    Jon Boden explains the difficulties of finding an authentic playing style for traditional English tunes

  • ScreenShot

    Masterclass: A guide to playing English folk music


    In the April 2014 issue of The Strad , folk fiddler Sam Sweeney gives a guide to playing English folk music. Here he plays the traditional tune Blew Bell Hornpipe, displaying some of the ornamentation and techniques he discusses in the article. Buy The Strad's digital magazine now: