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  • 3. Glass slides & pigment samples
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    Seeing red


    Madder root has been used since ancient times to provide a deep red pigment – but the process of making it remains mysterious. For the past three years Hugh Withycombe and Guy Harrison have tested different methods to get the recipe just right – and can now reveal their findings ...

  • IMG_0126
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    Growing pains


    Violinist and Ohio State University professor of music education Bob Gillespie has taught countless teenage string players. Here he explores adolescent character traits, and shares with teachers his valuable guide to dealing with adolescent moods and logic 

  • 1b Degani Eugenio 1899 scroll (3)
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    On the borders of greatness


    Giuseppe Sgarbi’s instruments have a unique vibrancy and individuality, while still respecting the traditional Cremonese forms. Lorenzo Frignani examines his career, as well as that of his son Antonio, to suggest why his work deserves more recognition than it has in the past

  • figure 8
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    The Score: Friend or Foe?


    The multiple editions of a piece can confuse a musician. Should we always work from an urtext edition in an attempt to access the composer’s most authentic voice? Or can edited versions with interpretative markings be helpful? Cellist Pedro de Alcantara guides us through this minefield

  • Michelle Dockery stars as Lady Mary Talbot and Matthew Goode as Henry Talbot in Downton Abbey 1 cr Jaap Buitendijk - 2019 Focus Features, LLC
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    Lights, Camera, Action


    As the founder of Music in Vision, Kathleen Ross has built a business from supplying professional musicians for on-camera roles. Introducing instrumentalists to the world of film and TV can be challenging, but, she writes, ensuring that musicians in background parts are convincingly portrayed is well worth the effort

  • Amati_VA_1677_belly
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    A Massive Achievement


    Made in 1677, the ‘Romanov’ Nicolò Amati viola is one of the maker’s late masterpieces. Alberto Giordano and Rudolf Hopfner investigate its turbulent history and examine how it fits into the Amati family’s oeuvre

  • _34C1161
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    A Treasury of Sound


    The Royal Danish Orchestra has been adding to its collection of fine stringed instruments for centuries – but there is revolution as well as evolution behind its distinctive string sound, which is unmistakable whatever the repertoire and whoever the conductor, finds Andrew Mellor

  • 249 (hi-res) J York & R Wallfisch Mar2013 (c) B Ealovega
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    Into the Light


    Why it took nearly a century for an important, beautiful concert piece for cello and piano from a 20th-century female composer to be published is incomprehensible. We can certainly blame contemporaneous sexist attitudes towards women, but was there also something more personal here?

  • atelier E.F. Ouchard
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    Like Fathers, Like Sons


    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Émile Auguste Ouchard, as well as the 40th of his son Bernard – both regarded as among the 20th century’s finest bow makers. Thomas Martin, Andrew McGill, Martin Lawrence and George Martin examine the legacy of the Ouchard dynasty, particularly ...

  • 190607_MCG19-4_courtesy ed DeArmitt-Pittsburgh SYmphony Orchestra_HeinzHallPittsburgh
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    A Conductor’s Tale


    Music director Manfred Honeck has brought a distinctly European flavour to the Pittsburgh Symphony. Gavin Dixon spoke to him at his summer festival in Wolfegg, Germany, as he prepared to embark on a tour of Europe with his Pittsburgh forces – and discovered how his time as a violist in ...

  • AYS_UCLA-128_hi res2
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    Turning Over a New Leaf


    Since her professional debut almost 30 years ago, Sarah Chang has maintained a glittering solo performing and recording career. But, as she tells Charlotte Smith, her more recent desire to take on ‘passion projects’ has led to fulfilling chamber and contemporary collaborations 

  • Schneider conducts rehearsal 1969 NYSOS
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    Bright Young Things


    The New York String Orchestra Seminar, one of America’s first orchestral training programmes for young musicians, celebrated its 50th anniversary in December 2018. Bruce Hodges attended rehearsals and concerts of the landmark season, and looks ahead to the ensemble’s December 2019 edition

  • Kovanda gold vla_A
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    First Class: European bow makers in America


    Despite achieving a high level of quality, the American bow makers of the early 20th century have languished in obscurity – until now. Raphael Gold explores the lives of Frank Kovanda, Ernst Lohberg and Anders Halvarson, who all learnt their craft in the Chicago workshop of William Lewis ...

  • Velásquez©NationalLibraryofBrazil
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    Defining a Nation


    For many classical enthusiasts Brazilian music can be summed up in the folk-inspired compositions of Villa-Lobos. Naxos’s multivolume series The Music of Brazil is set to broaden awareness, beginning with several 19th- and 20th-century composers whose string and orchestral works at once mirrored and defied their country’s colonial history, writes ...

  • Figure 1
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    Views on the Bridge


    In the second of two articles on set-up, Joseph Curtin investigates the acoustical role of the violin bridge and the interconnected relationships between mass, frequency and resonance 

  • Rodney Friend
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    Perfect 5ths


    British violinist Rodney Friend has spent many years formulating his method for achieving a relaxed left-hand position. Here, he shares his voyage of discovery with Charlotte Smith

  • kato At the Carnegie Hall
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    A teacher for all


    Kató Havas, the celebrated and much-loved Hungarian violinist and pedagogue, died on 31 December 2018 aged 98. Five former colleagues and students remember her important and generous influence on their own playing and teaching

  • _D3_0274edit03
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    A Human Heart


    To mark the centenary of the completion and premiere of Elgar’s Cello Concerto, cellist Raphael Wallfisch  reflects upon the period and circumstances surrounding the work’s creation and subsequent life

  • eha545-002-hf
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    Elgar Cello Concerto: The classic interpretation


    Jacqueline du Pré’s 1965 recording of Elgar’s Cello Concerto set the benchmark for every cellist who followed her. Tully Potter explores the enduring popularity of her powerful and iconic performance

  • CF050719-Kopie©RüdigerSchestag
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    The Fab Four


    At this year’s Suntory Hall Chamber Music Garden festival in Tokyo the Kuss Quartet performed a complete Beethoven cycle on the ‘Paganini’ quartet of Stradivaris, on loan from the Nippon Music Foundation. Gavin Dixon spoke to the players about this very special project – and learnt a little more about ...