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Before you start combing through the string courses listed in this guide, take a look at these suggestions to help find the course that’s right for you

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10 points to help you handle performance anxiety


Violinist and performance consultant Berenice Beverley Zammit shares some helpful reminders for those dealing with stage fright, including why you should regard yourself as a superhero

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Positive audition preparation outcomes – even when you don’t get the job


While the process may be daunting, repetitive and sometimes demoralising, there is huge value to be found in preparing for auditions. Online editor and cellist Davina Shum examines five positive things to take away from preparing for orchestral auditions


10 tips for a successful orchestral audition


Chicago Symphony Orchestra cellist Brant Taylor offers advice to candidates hoping to succeed in that all-important orchestral audition

Tricky Corners orchestra

Viola excerpts: Tricky corners


In July 1999 Charles Noble tried to ease the trauma of facing orchestra auditions; in the August 1999 issue he introduces the extracts every violist should know

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Auditioning advice: Position vacant


Looking for that all-important orchestral job? Oregon Symphony violist Charles Noble provides some tips on how to impress the audition panel, in the first of two articles from July 1999


’A musician must be broadly based, not just an instrumentalist’ - auditioning for music colleges


In this extract from September 2000, faculty members at some of the world’s top music colleges share what they’re looking for in an ideal conservatoire candidate

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Orchestra auditions: Success strategies


Orchestra auditions are the ultimate examination for many college-age players, so is there a blueprint for achievement? Femke Colborne asks pedagogues and orchestra principals how they prepare students for the experience, in this feature from May 2014

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College auditions advice: When you’re ready


Those three little words needn’t chill your spine in the audition room: Joanne Talbot asks the examiners what they’re looking for when you stand in front of them. From September 2000

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How to improve your sound by practising on open strings


Cello professor at the Geneva–Neuchâtel University of Music, Bern University of the Arts, and Zakhar Bron School of Music in Zurich, Denis Severin shares exercises on open strings to enhance tone and fluidity of sound


Masterclass: Jan Vogler on Beethoven Cello Sonata op.69


Cellist Jan Vogler explores the first movement of the first-ever sonata to give equal weight to both piano and cello

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‘Joyfully, with a lot of spirit’ - Julia Fischer on Beethoven’s Violin Concerto


Violinist Julia Fischer shares her thoughts on the third movement of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, in this extract from the October 2021 issue


Trills and embellishments: exercises from Wilhelmj and Brown’s A Modern School for Violin


Violist Misha Galaganov recommends exercises from August Wilhelmj and James Brown’s out-of-print A Modern School for Violin,  to accompany his Technique  article in the October 2021 issue

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Returning to playing after a break: top string teachers share their tips


For those who have picked up their instruments after a hiatus and thought, ‘What on earth is this?!’ - five string teachers from around the UK share exercises for both hands, posture, listening and performance


3 simple trill exercises for players and teachers


Professor of viola and chair of strings at Texas Christian University Misha Galaganov offers technical advice on how to play and teach trills


The Strad Podcast #13: Dr. Renée-Paule Gauthier on dealing with performance anxiety


‘We go quickly from “this is out of tune” to “I’m the worst human being on the planet!”’


How to perform with confidence – 3 golden rules about stage performance


In the final instalment of his four-part blog series, Junior Guildhall violin professor Ivo Stankov shares tips on performing


‘I can see good tone’ - Suzuki’s tonalisation exercises


With musical examples, Helen Brunner examines how Suzuki’s tonalisation exercises are used to create a beautiful sound on the violin. From the September 2021 issue


Joy, warmth and humour: Natalie Clein on Haydn Cello Concerto in D major


In this extract from the September 2021 Masterclass, cellist Natalie Clein guides players through the opening of Haydn’s virtuosic work


Ask the Teacher - Mark Bjork


The Suzuki teacher trainer and violin pedagogue advises students on how to keep the attention of a class, and emphasises the importance of repetition