String Courses 2021: Start your course hunting here!


Before you start combing through the string courses listed in this guide, take a look at these suggestions to help find the course that’s right for you


Learning a violin as an adult: How do you progress beyond practising for exams?


How can an adult amateur, beginning or relearning an instrument, progress beyond practising for exams? Three tutors examine the various options – as well as suggesting ways to combat shyness

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How should string teachers approach an advanced adult pupil?


Understanding the physique and psyche of a new adult pupil should not be taken lightly, writes Pauline Harding

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5 insights on mental health from The Strad archives


As we embark on Mental Health Awareness Month this May, take a look at some views on mental health from the perspective of students, luthiers and players

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The Strad Podcast Episode #40: Naomi Yandell on teaching beginner bow holds


A must-listen episode for anyone flummoxed by the tricky concept of teaching new string players how to hold a bow


Applying for funding: an insight from Tina Vadaneaux, Continuo Foundation


Founder and CEO of Continuo Foundation Tina Vadaneaux answers some frequently asked questions for those stumped by grant applications


A string quartet is an ‘instrument’ that students must master


Graham Oppenheimer, senior chamber music tutor at Chetham’s School of Music, shares some of his teaching strategies for school-age students

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10 tips for achieving long-term success with your quartet


The Henschel Quartet from Germany celebrated its 25th year in 2016. Here the group gives tips on achieving longevity in a chamber career


Fake it ’til you make it: The art of orchestral faking


Cellist and online editor Davina Shum has spent countless hours in orchestra choosing what to play and what to pretend to play. Here she illustrates the necessary skill that can only be described as molto fake-issimo


How to help music students with sightreading


If your students only brush up their sightreading at exam time, they're missing out on an important part of music making


10 tips for learning and teaching sightreading


Advice from The Strad’s archive on how to improve sightreading and reminders of its crucial place in any good musician’s skillset


How to teach note reading to beginner violin students


American pedagogue Mimi Zweig explains how she engages new pupils

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Sightreading is a skill that should be taught early


A student’s earliest engagement with note reading is the right time to introduce sightreading, argues Naomi Yandell


Inclination, tilt and skew: bow curves on the double bass


Double bassist David Allen Moore explains bow angle variables to help achieve musical expression with the bow

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‘Take it, make it work and don’t hurt yourself’ - tips for small framed violists


Viola professor at Juilliard and Curtis Institute of Music Hsin-Yun Huang offers practical tips for petite musicians and teachers to avoid unnecessary pain and over-exertion

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Masterclass: Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider on Mozart Violin Concerto no.5


The simplicity and purity of the master’s violin concertos belie their great technical and musical demands. Violinist Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider delves beneath the surface, in this article from August 2006

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Masterclass: Ray Chen on Mozart Violin Concerto no.3


Francesca Dego offers tips on Mozart Violin Concerto no.4 in our January 2022 issue. Here’s a throwback to January 2016, where Ray Chen gives bowings, fingerings and ideas for interpretation in the first movement of the popular G major Concerto K216

Leon Bosch with Trinity Laban students in 2019

How should a double bassist prepare to play Bach’s Cello Suites?


Virtuoso bassist and conservatoire professor Leon Bosch explains how he introduces the Bach Cello Suites to his students

Art of Legato1

What is true violin legato?


In an exclusive video premiere, violinist Daniel Kurganov examines the art of legato and what violinists can learn from singers


Drops and lifts: double bass string-crossing in Mozart’s Symphony no.35


Double bassist David Allen Moore demonstrates how to solve challenging string-crossing problems