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  • Božo Paradžik

    Božo Paradžik leads a double bass quintet


    Božo Paradžik and students record a bass quintet arrangement of Czech composer Václav Vačkář’s march Šohaj. The musicians are, left to right, Oskari Hänninen, Božo Paradžik, Madlaina Küng, Cecilia Perfetti and Marko Hristoskov.

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    Northern double bass makers: Northern lights


    The 19th century witnessed a thriving double bass making scene in the Manchester area of England. This northern school, which had its own distinct style points, flourished for a longer time than its southern counterpart, as Thomas Martin, Martin Lawrence and George Martin explain

  • The-Double-Bass-Voice

    Book review: The Double Bass-Voice: A How-To Guide


    The Double Bass-Voice: A How-To Guide The Double Bass-Voice: A How-To Guide Cody Takács 58PP ISBN 9781717231901 $20 We are all told that we should be singing what we are playing while we are playing, but how many of ...

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    Postcard from South Africa - 'What It Takes: Double Bass'


    Young South African double bass players took part in a new dedicated course for their instrument at the end of last year – with promising results, writes faculty member Leon Bosch

  • James Oesi – Bach

    James Oesi plays the Bourrées from Bach's Cello Suite no.4


    In this video South African double bassist James Oesi plays the two Bourrées from Bach’s Cello Suite no.4. The performance was filmed at the Bimhuis Amsterdam in 2016 for ‘Vrije Geluiden’ (Free Sounds), a programme on Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. Oesie play an 1872 instrument by Giuseppe Baldantoni.

  • Octobass

    Double bass and octobass duet


    Double bass player Jonathan Camps is joined by Nicola Moneta on octobass for a performance of ‘Amazing Grace’ filmed at the Mardi Graves festival in February 2018.

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    Double bassist to receive $50,000 award from Sphinx Organization


    Orchestral musician Joseph Conyers has championed music education in the US

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    Virgin Trains refuses boarding to BBC Symphony Orchestra double bassist


    Margarida Castro was prevented from travelling home following a BBC Proms concert after being told by the train guard that her instrument exceeded the maximum luggage size

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    Ensemble of 52 double basses plays the Flintstones theme


    Young bass players from the Bradetich Foundation’s North Texas Bass Camp joined in International Make Music Day on 21 June with this al fresco performance

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    Baiba Skride leads Rossini's String Sonata no.3


    From the 2017 Solsberg Festival. Baiba Skride and Andrés Gabetta, violins, Monika Leskovar, cello, and Roberto di Ronza, double bass, perform Gioacchino Rossini’s String Sonata no.3. It is part of a set of six three-movement works for the combination of two violins, cello and bass which was written when ...