Violin-inspired shoes, jewellery and high-concept headwear have gone on display in Cremona as part of a new exhibition honouring Stradivari.

The show, entitled 8 Variations for Stradivari, brings together works by eight artists and designers: milliner Francesco Ballestrazzi, jewellery designer SungHee Kim, shoe designer Kobi Levi, interior designer Luigi Mariani, photographer Paolo Regis, and artists Roberto Cambi, Alfred Drago Rens and Stefano Russo.

The exhibition is also part of Cremona's celebrations of UNESCO's decision in December 2012 to add the city's violin making tradition to its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The designs and artworks, seven of which are pictured, are on display at the Museo Civico 'Ala Ponzone' from 19 May to 29 September.

photo: top row from left to right, Violin Shoes (Kobi Levi), Meteorite 19189 (Roberto Cambi); middle row, Violin Dress (SungHee Kim), Violin Sofa (Luigi Mariani), Violin Hat (Francesco's Balestrazzi); bottom row, L'Estasi (Stefano Russo), Vibrato Stradivari (Alfred Drago Rens)