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  • ViolinBowFail1

    A violin bow with a mind of its own


    A violinist's enthusiastic final bow stroke makes for a finale to remember in this orchestral concert from 2013.Watch: A bow hair disasterWatch: Violist Yuri Bashmet in tailpiece disasterWatch: Violinist Christian Tetzlaff and pianist Lars Vogt in page turning catastrophe

  • ViolinAccident

    Violin accident: what to do when your bow flies out of your hand


    Violinist Sara Delić loses control of her bow - which threatens to go flying - during a performance of Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen.Watch: A bow hair disasterWatch: Violinist Christian Tetzlaff and pianist Lars Vogt in page-turning disaster

  • stradivari-Lipinski-violin1

    New research into the development of violin f-holes is simplistic at best


    The theory that the shape of Italian violin f-holes came about by 'accidental fluctuations' ignores a number of well-known facts, argues Stewart Pollens

  • BowHair11

    A bow hair disaster


    A violinist is taken by surprise when the majority of her bow hair suddenly detaches from the point - midway through a performance of Kreisler's Tambourin Chinois.Subscribe to The Strad or download our digital edition as part of a 30-day free trial. To purchase single issues click here.

  • stradivari-Lipinski-violin1

    Violin sound and design developed by accident, say researchers


    The evolution of f-hole shape and back plate thickness are likely the result of small errors in the copying process

  • Benedetti_Bow1

    Violinist Nicola Benedetti's bow goes flying


    As violinist Nicola Benedetti rehearsed for a performance of Shostakovich's First Violin Concerto with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in Edinburgh's Usher Hall last week, her bow went flying in a particularly vigorous passage. Thankfully, no damage was done to the bow. Subscribe to The Strad or ...