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    Rare 1719 Stradivarius viola to go on sale


    The 1719 ‘Macdonald’ Stradivarius viola is to go on the market. One of only ten surviving violas made by the master luthier, the instrument will be offered for sale in a sealed bid process by auctioneers Sotheby’s and Ingles Hayday. Made during Stradivarius’s ...

  • bryant

    Stringed instruments: investment, inflation and accessibility


    Stephen Bryant, concertmaster of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, considers the difficulties facing string players when it comes to finding an affordable instrument

  • Stolen_Strads

    When Stradivarius violins go AWOL


    In this article from The Strad, February 2011, Peter Somerford looks into the murky world of international Stradivarius violin theft, and the efforts being made towards recovery and prevention

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    The decorated Stradivari instruments of the Royal Palace of Madrid


    The Stradivaris of the Madrid Royal Palace are the only decorated instruments the maker is known to have made as a set, and includes his only known decorated cello. The quartet of instruments – two violins, a viola and cello – was originally a quintet but during the Napoleonic wars ...

  • Ex-Kym

    Stolen ‘ex-Kym' Stradivarius violin fetches £1.385m at auction


    The Stradivarius violin belonging to London-based violinist Min-Jin Kym that was stolen at a Pret a Manger sandwich bar in London’s Euston Station in November 2010 and later recovered by police, has sold for £1.385m ($2.27m) at auction. The sale price exceeds the £1.2m valuation attached ...

  • The_Strad_Nov59

    Never judge a book by its cover


    This story about the instrument repairer and the farmer's violin from The Strad, November 1959, contains all the hallmarks of the Hans Christian Andersen tale The Ugly Duckling. Its message remains as pertinent today as ever

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    Strad Fest LA to showcase eight Stradivari violins


    Eight of Stradivari’s best known violins are to go on display in Los Angeles as part of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s Strad Fest LA event, which will run from 26–29 March 2014. The eight instruments are the ‘Serdet’ Strad of 1666, the 1708 ‘Ruby’ (pictured), ...

  • Julian_Altman

    From the archive: The day the 'Huberman' Strad reappeared


    In this article from The Strad, 1987, Charles Beare recalls the media storm that followed the discovery of the stolen Stradivari violin

  • StradDec1993

    From the archive: The tale of the King of Spain Strads


    The set of decorated Stradivari instruments housed at the Royal Palace of Madrid made news recently when they received their first public performance, by the Quiroga Quartet from Spain (see link below). The stringed instruments have an eccentric history, shrouded in mystery and conflicting views. Stradivari made them for the ...

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    Royal Palace of Madrid decorated Stradivari quartet receives first public performance


    The musicians of the Quiroga Quartet from Spain have been named the first artists in residence of the Royal Palace of Madrid, allowing them access to the unique set of decorated Stradivari instruments on display as part of the Royal Collection exhibition. The residency, instigated by the Patrimonio Nacional, which ...