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    Stradivarius at work in his studio by Edgar Bundy


    2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the exhibition of British artist Edgar Bundy’s portrait of Stradivarius at work in his studio at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. Although there is some doubt as to the authenticity of the 1893 painting – as no definitive record of the luthier’s appearance exists ...

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    House surveys are standard practice, so why not instrument surveys?


    Roger Hargrave argues that buyers should insist that dealers provide full condition reports

  • 1672-1713
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    Curiouser and curiouser


    Was the 1672 ‘Mahler’ the first viola ever made by Antonio Stradivari? As Jonathan Marolle explains, this is just one of the unanswerable questions that arise when studying this fascinating instrument

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    In focus: the 1728 'Milanollo' Stradivari


    Roger Hargrave examines the Stradivari ‘Milanollo’ violin of 1728, one of the few of the master’s instruments to keep its original sharpness

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    Kuss Quartet to play Paganini's Strads


    Short-term loan of quartet of instruments once owned by Paganini will include a complete Beethoven cycle in Tokyo

  • Lucerne Festival Strings

    Second Stradivarius for Lucerne Festival Strings


    The violin will be heard publicly this March after several decades spent in a Swiss bank safe

  • by John Holder

    The thief, his wife and the 'Huberman' Strad


    The ‘Gibson, Huberman’ Stradivari now owned by Joshua Bell has a history worthy of a blockbuster thriller. Stolen twice in the 20th century, the second time it remained undiscovered for nearly 50 years despite being played in public regularly by its thief. In this article from January 1998, Carla Shapreau ...

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    Photographing a Stradivarius


    In this video from 2013, still life photographer Søren Jonesen photographs the 1714 ‘Yoldi-Moldenhauer’ Stradivari. The photoshoot was organised by Danish high-end digital photography company Phase One working with Andy Lim of Darling Publications, which printed a monograph featuring the photos and history of the instrument. The concept was ...

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    In focus: The ‘Wieniawski’ Stradivarius of 1719


    In this article from the May 2009 issue, Florian Leonhard takes a close look at a violin which ’encapsulates everything that made Antonio Stradivari such a legendary figure’. Photographs by Richard Valencia

  • Antonio Stradivari

    Stradivari's forests destroyed in storms


    Over 1.5 million trees felled in the area favoured by Stradivari for collecting wood