The prize winners of the Johansen International Competition for young string players have been announced. The event for students aged 13 to 17 was held in Washington DC from 22 to 24 March.

US players won all three of the top prizes in the violin division. Gallia Kastner, 15, a student of Almita Vamos, took the $10,000 first prize. Second prize went to 16-year-old Maria Ioudenitch. Gloria Ferry-Brennan, 15, won third prize.

In the viola division, the $10,000 first prize went to Ziyu Shen from China. Aged 14, she studies with Li Sheng. Sixteen-year-old Zhenwei Shi, also from China, took third prize. No second prize was awarded.

First prize in the cello division went to Brannon Cho from the US. The 17-year-old, who studies with Hans Jensen, was awarded $10,000. Santiago Canon Valencia, 16, from Colombia, took second prize. Third prize went to US 16-year-old Jean Kim.