As if Elden Ring wasn’t hard enough, Twitch streamer TiavioliGaming is playing through one of the most challenging games of recent times armed with an electric violin and an intricate gaming set-up

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A Twitch video game streamer is beating Elden Ring with an unusual choice of controller - a violin!

Levelling up the difficulty of his play, TiavioliGaming has already beaten the Dark Souls game trilogy and its downloadable content - acknowledged in gaming circles to be one of the most notoriously challenging franchises - with his violin, and is now working his way through Elden Ring, which was released in 2022 from the same developer as Dark Souls, FromSoftware.

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Footage from TiavioliGaming’s video streaming channels shows him taking down bosses with a few plucks of his strings, seemingly with ease. How does he use the violin to control his gameplay? The streamer has an intricate and complicated setup: using an electric violin, the frequency of the notes he plays are converted to a MIDI signal, which are then converted into a keyboard input.

The MIDI converter is interpreting the harmonic frequencies of the pitches instead of the notes being played. He also has to ’avoid certain correlations of notes so that the converter does not misinterpret what that I’m playing,’ according to IGN, in a complicated process that has taken him years to perfect, while looking effortless to the spectator. When asked by a commenter why he employs pizzicato over bowing, he says ’The problem is that to convert the sound of the electric violin I need a device to convert it into a MIDI signal; For some reason, this device plays pizzicatos better than the bow.’

TiavioliGaming’s efforts have invited plenty of comments within the Elden Ring gaming community.

’Even just the fact that this guy’s brain came up with the idea to play Elden Ring with a violin is impressive and funny,’ said one commenter on Reddit. ’Not to mention he’s actually killing it too.’

’Alright, standing ovation for this man. He’s more than earned the throne and title of Elden Lord,’ said another.

According to the Reddit comments, TiavioliGaming reveals that he is a professional musician, working in the Balearic Islands Symphony Orchestra. 

You can find TiavioliGaming’s Twitch channel here:

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