My Space: Yves-Antoine Gachet

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Mirecourt, France

My workshop is located in a historic 18th-century building about 500 metres from the centre of Mirecourt. I moved here a few months ago, having previously had a shop on the main street. I decided I needed more space to live and work, and this place, built as a wine store for the town, was ideal. I trained at the École Nationale de Lutherie de Mirecourt and then moved away for several years; I returned when I met my partner, Audrey Pierre, who went on to study there as well. Now that she’s graduated, we work together in the workshop, often on the same instruments. This is one reason why I’ve put the workbenches side by side, in order to have a large workspace. I also often have students from the École in here to learn – there’s only so much you can discover about instrument making in a school and hands-on experience is always important.


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