In Focus: an 1812 viola by Giuseppe Marconcini

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Jonathan Marolle takes a look at a viola from one of the ‘Ferrera school’ makers

We know very little about Giuseppe Marconcini. Born in Ferrara in 1772 he was the son of the luthier Luigi Aloisio Marconcini. Although he is said to have been a pupil of Lorenzo Storioni, it is likely that he learnt the basics of violin making in his father’s workshop because some details of his work recall the style of Marconcini père. He remains a relatively little-known figure in violin making history and only a small number of his instruments are known today, although their workmanship is of a high quality. However, Giuseppe Marconcini does hold a place within the history of Italian lutherie because, along with Alessandro Mezzadri (1690–1732), he is one of the best-known makers of the ‘Ferrara school’.

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