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  • Jelly d aranyl in exotic dress

    How Schumann’s suppressed Violin Concerto made history – and the ideal subject for a novel


    A glamorous violin virtuosa, a hidden masterpiece, a ouija board, Nazis, Ravel’s Tzigane.  It’s not hard to see why author Jessica Duchen was attracted to the story of Jelly D’Arányi. As her novel becomes a UK touring concert, she writes about the strange facts behind the fiction

  • marechal

    The 'violoncelle des tranchées'


    In the August 2014 issue, The Strad reports on how string players in the trenches of the First World War kept up their playing by creating makeshift instruments. Made from packing crates or cases for gas masks and ammunition, the instruments were often described as 'friends' and 'comrades' ...