Bachelors/Diploma/Doctorate/Junior Department/Masters/Certificate


Early Music/Music Education/Performing/Joint Major

Head of Strings

Diane Daly 

Head of Chamber

Sarah Sew

Violin Teachers

Mia Cooper/Michael d’Arcy/Yvonne Donnelly/Sebastian Liebig/Joanne Quigley/Elena Quinn/Sarah Sew/Karl Sweeney/Claire Duff (EM)

Viola Teachers

Simon Aspell/Lisa Dowdall/Robin Panter

Cello Teachers

William Butt/Annette Cleary/Martin Johnson/Christopher Marwood/Ailbhe McDonagh/Aoife Nic Athlaoich (EM)/Miriam Roycroft

Double Bass Teachers

Dominic Dudley/Malachy Robinson (EM)/Aura Stone

Chamber Music

Mia Cooper/Christopher Marwood/Aoife Nic Athlaoich/Sarah Sew