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    Cellist Timothy Eddy on the teaching styles of Bernard Greenhouse and Pablo Casals


    The Orion String Quartet founder learnt the importance of the link between language and music from the two legendary cellists

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    Cellist Bernard Greenhouse performs Song of the Birds aged 95


    American cellist Bernard Greenhouse performs the Catalan 'Song of the Birds', arranged by his teacher Pablo Casals, at the age of 95. Watch Greenhouse give a masterclass on Haydn's Second Cello Concerto . Subscribe to The Strad or download our digital edition as ...

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    Great teachers on film: Bernard Greenhouse


    Do you know what happens when a person is frightened? He pulls back, and shrinks . This destroys the sense of beauty' Cellist Bernard Greenhouse gives a masterclass on the first movement of Haydn's Second Cello Concerto in Kronberg. Buy the August 2011 issue, featuring tributes to ...

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    Bernard Greenhouse

    One of the very few long term students of Pablo Casals, the American cellist Bernard Greenhouse initially pursued a solo career for twelve years. Today, however, he is best remembered as one of the founding members of the Beaux Arts Trio, with whom he played between 1955 ...

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    Stradivari cello once owned by Bernard Greenhouse nets record sum at auction


    A 1707 Stradivari cello that was owned by Bernard Greenhouse for half a century has been sold by sealed bid for a record price. According to the New York Times , the 'Countess of Stanlein' cello was bought by a Montreal arts patron for in excess of $6m. Christopher Reuning, ...