The company has issued a response to The Strad’s news story reporting on the discrepancy between its rules for violins and violas


In response to intense social media pressure, Air Canada has decided to change its rules regarding the transportation of violas on its aircrafts.

Last week, the Strad reported that the airline would not allow violas as carry-on baggage under any circumstances, despite the fact that violins ‘may be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage’ depending on available space on the day, and that a cello ‘may be accepted as checked baggage, or may be transported in the cabin if a seat is purchased for it’.

The company has now issued the following statement to The Strad:

‘We appreciate the feedback and are aware of inconsistencies with the viola baggage policy that has not been revised in some time. We are making changes in the coming days to be in line with the policies for violins and guitars; our website will be updated when completed.’

The reversal just goes to show the power of online public opinion.

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