• Cello strings

    Stringtelligence by Thomastik-Infeld: combining different string types

    2019-08-20T09:40:00Z Sponsored by Thomastik-Infeld


  • Pirastro_Bass_Perpetual_rgb

    New Products: September 2019


    Core values Strings designed from the inside out to offer bassists maximum flexibility The initial idea was to make a special pizzicato string,’ explains Adrian Müller, technical director of German string maker Pirastro. ‘After a year of experimenting with different cores, we found that we ...

  • Electric violin test

    The Strad guide to the best handmade electric violins


    For maximum thrills, it’s hard to beat an electric violin at full throttle. There are many factory models, but here Christian Garrick test-drives some of the most innovative handmade instruments available today

  • Stringtelligence tension

    Stringtelligence by Thomastik-Infeld: vibrating string length and string tension

    2019-07-18T14:33:00Z Sponsored by Thomastik-Infeld

    These factors can seem a bit too technical or just matter of preference, but it is definitely worth understanding what to look and listen out for

  • image015 (1)

    New Products: August 2019


    On the back foot Improving the ergonomics of bass playing Sitting on a stool, most bassists will rest the instrument against the right leg, with the right foot on the floor and the left on the foot rest. ‘It puts your back in an ...

  • Thomastik rosin

    Stringtelligence by Thomastik-Infeld: the right rosin for your strings

    2019-06-25T10:46:00Z Sponsored by Thomastik-Infeld

    Franz Klanner, director of engineering and technology at Thomastik-Infeld, shares his knowledge about rosin and the importance of choosing the right one for your strings

  • Wilhelm Geigenbau - Sonowood

    Overcoming our addiction to tropical hardwoods: the latest alternatives


    As ebony and rosewood become endangered, the likes of spruce, maple and boxwood are being scientifically modified to offer luthiers alternatives. Tom Stewart explores the brave new world of sustainable fittings

  • Beatik logo

    New Products: July 2019


    Turning heads The past few years have seen an explosion in the number of musicians who, instead of using traditional paper parts, play from a digital file displayed on a tablet computer. Now, a team of audio engineers from the University of Jaén in the Spanish ...

  • röhrchen_Picto

    Stringtelligence by Thomastik-Infeld: whistling E-strings

    2019-05-28T13:57:00Z Sponsored by Thomastik-Infeld

    In the third part of his blog series for The Strad celebrating Thomastik-Infeld’s 100 th  anniversary, Franz Klanner, the Austrian string manufacturer’s director of engineering and technology, concentrates on whistling and other common issues of violin E-strings

  • Endpin 1

    New Products: June 2019


    Straight to the point Can changes to an overlooked part of the cello anatomy help improve your sound? Matt Schiebold, founder of Cube Acoustics, and cellist with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra in Ohio, US, set out to create an endpin that matched the rest of ...