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  • Winter Wonderland Concert Artists Guild

    Concert Artists Guild winners cover Winter Wonderland


    This arrangement of Winter Wonderland by Brandon Ilaw features the winners of the Concert Artists Guild Victor Elmaleh competition. The performers include Geneva Lewis (violin/vocals), Ariel Horowitz (violin), Gabriel Martins (cello), Britton-René Collins (percussion), Ken Kubota (cello), Mitch Lyon (cello) and Brandon Ilaw (percussion/vocals). Read: Cellist and violinist win ...

  • Sara Zeneli

    Sara Zeneli plays ‘il Cremonese’ Stradivari at the Museo del Violino


    In this video the violinist Sara Zeneli plays Monti’s Csárdás on the 1715 A.Stradivari ‘il Cremonese’ in the Chamber Hall of the Museo del Violino in Cremona. Read: Innovative solutions: Postcard from Cremona Read: 1734 Stradivari violin ‘Willemotte’: Late… but worth the wait

  • Nola Nicholas and Yehudi Menuhin

    Yehudi Menuhin getting married


    In this brief video, we can see footage from Yehudi Menuhin’s wedding to his first wife Nola Nicholas. The wedding took place at Caxton Hall in 1938, when Menuhin was 21 years old. Read: How did Yehudi Menuhin’s interpretations evolve over his lifetime?

  • Hilary Hahn

    Hilary Hahn plays the Sibelius Violin Concerto with no accompaniment


    In this video, part of the series ‘Hahn Solo’, in which Hilary Hahn performs the solo violin part of some of her favourite concertos with no piano or orchestral accompaniment, the violinist plays Sibelius’s Violin Concerto. She hopes that, by hearing the parts separately, the audience will pick up on ...

  • Jackie

    New Jacqueline du Pré opera set to tour


    ’We’ll Never Let You Down’ brings together music by three Dutch composers

  • Dextra Musica

    An advent musical greeting from Dextra Musica


    Every day at 11.30am, throughout the month of December, Dextra Musica are sending a small advent greeting, featuring instruments from its collection, at: julekalender Today’s greeting comes from Sonoko Miriam Welde and Dextra’s Gagliano violin.

  • Eleanor Corr

    Eleanor Corr, Royal Overseas League Gold Medalist, plays Grieg’s Violin Sonata


    This month saw violinist Eleanor Corr win the Gold Medal and first prize of the Royal Overseas League Annual Music Competition, receiving £20,000. This is the first violinist to win the top award since 2016. In this video, Corr plays Grieg’s Violin Sonata for the competition final.

  • Gareth Davies LSO

    The Spell and the Promise - a lock-down video with dancers


    Directed by Lexi Kiddo, ‘The Spell The Promise’ plays like a contemporary fairytale. The performance partners Gareth Davies (Principal Flute, London Symphony Orchestra) with dancers Faye Stoeser and Salomé Pressac, responding to composer Jasmin Kent Rodgman’s new and original composition. This is the second of two films ...

  • 'Rising'

    ‘Rising’ by Antonia Luxem: a film exploring our relationship with space in lock-down


    ‘Rising’ explores our longing for human connection alongside our relationship with space during a locked-down world. Directed by Antonia Luxem, it features Marie Astrid Mence (Ballet Black) with Maxine Kwok (First Violin, London Symphony Orchestra) performing a new composition by composer Darren Bloom. Watch: Juilliard students ‘do’ Bolero with ...

  • Pekka Kuusisto

    Pekka Kuusisto performs with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra


    In this concert, which was broadcast live yesterday (27 November 2020), Pekka Kuusisto performs with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in an all-British programme. Other solo performers include tenor Allan Clayton and horn-player Alec Frank-Gemmill. Watch: Pekka Kuusisto: Kreutzer 2 whole bow Watch: Pekka Kuusisto: bowing exercie for ...

  • 1707 Stradivari Rivaz Baron Gutmann

    The Strad Calendar 2021: Antonio Stradivari 1707 ‘Rivaz, Baron Gutmann’ violin


    The ‘Rivaz, Baron Gutmann’ is a powerful instrument, made from a beautiful single piece of deeply figured maple

  • 1580c Gasparo da Salo╠Ç double bass

    The Strad Calendar 2021: Gasparo da Salò double bass c.1580


    The workmanship of this bass is typical of Gasparo, with the distinctive double purfling and long, widely set f-holes

  • Janine Jansen

    Janine Jansen and Gustavo Dudamel on the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto


    ‘For me it is the perfect piece – it has everything in it,’ says Janine Jansen in this video, in which she and conductor Gustavo Dudamel talk about Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto. Read: Documentary about Janine Jansen Read:  Janine Jansen gives socially-distanced performance of Mendelssohn  

  • Xuanhan Xu

    Xuanhan Xu, winner of Pablo Casals International Award 2020, performs for competition audition


    In this final audition video for the Pablo Casals International Award 2020, the competition winner, 16-year-old Xuanhan Xu, performs JS Bach’s Cello Suite No.3 and the first movement of Schumann’s Cello Concerto in A minor, Op.129. Read: Winners announced for Pablo Casals International Award

  • Patrick Dexter

    Irish cellist Patrick Dexter gives lockdown performance against scenic backdrop


    The Irish cellist Patrick Dexter, from County Mayo, has been giving regular performances outside in his backyard since the beginning of lockdown in March, playing music ranging from Schubert to traditional Irish folksongs. For more videos of Dexter performing, follow him on YouTube . ...

  • Teyber Trio

    ‘I hope our Bach might give another musician a slight push to keep going a little longer’ – Tim Crawford


    The three Tims of the Teyber Trio (cellist Tim Posner, violist Timothy Ridout and violinist Tim Crawford) talk about their genesis as a group, playing Bach’s Goldberg Variations, and finding the motivation to rehearse during the time of COVID

  • Nicola Benedetti

    Nicola Benedetti and friends play Ernest Bloch’s Prayer


    In this video, Nicola Benedetti and musical colleagues play a new arrangement by the Ayoub Sisters of Ernest Bloch’s ‘Prayer’ (originally composed in 1924 for Cello and Piano) - commissioned by the luxury furniture-making company Maker Son in support of The Benedetti Foundation. This performance also features Yume Fujise ...

  • GTMF on location

    Grand Teton Music Festival on location: New York


    This concert from the Grand Teton Music Festival on location series (a 5-concert digital chamber music series featuring small ensembles, recorded and produced remotely in the home cities of Festival Orchestra musicians ) was held at St. Bartholomew’s Church, 325 Park Avenue, New York on 12 November, with a programme ...

  • Teyber Trio

    Teyber Trio plays Bach’s Goldberg Variations


    The Teyber Trio (violinist Tim Crawford, violist Tim Ridout and cellist Tim Posner)) plays Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Read: Life Lessons: Timothy Ridout

  • ex-Rouse Stradivari

    Auner Quartett violinist plays ‘ex Rouse-Boughton’ Stradivari


    the Auner Quartett from Vienna recently received two more Instruments from the National Bank of Austria, a Giovanni Grancino cello (‘ex Piatti’, - ‘ex Dunlop’, Milano 1706); and an Antonio Stradivari violin (‘ex Rouse-Boughton’, Cremona 1698). In this video, one of the group’s violinists - Barbara de Menezes ...