The one-day event aims to present the instrument in unusual contexts


The Dom Cultural Centre in Moscow is to host ‘Viola is my life’, a mini-festival of contemporary music for the viola. Presented by Long Arms and young Russian violist Sergey Poltava, the June 10 event aims to portray the instrument in unusual contexts and takes as its inspiration American composer Morton Feldman’s 1970 work The Viola In My Life.

Taking part in the event alongside Poltava will be Moscow violists Alexander Akimov, Maxim Novikov, Irina Sopova, Mikhail Kovalkov, Darya Fillipenko and Anna Zhuravleva.

The programme combines performance with talks and video art, and includes works by contemporary composers Paul Karmanova (Russia), Gavin Brayersa (UK), Catherine Reed (USA), Witold LutosŠ‚awski (Poland, pictured), Steven Snowden (USA), George Pelecis (Latvia), Meeringa Kiel (Germany) and Frederick Rzhevsky (US ).

Photo: Witold LutosŠ‚awski

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