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  • Alexander Glazunov and Leopold Auer

    Video of Leopold Auer and Alexander Glazunov from 1912


    This video footage, filmed in St Petersburg in 1912, shows the composer Alexander Glazunov and violinist Leopold Auer standing together. There is also an appearance from the Russian/Soviet pianist Leonid Nikolayev. Read: Leopold Auer profiled in the July 1907 issue of The Strad

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    Leopold Auer profiled in the July 1907 issue of The Strad


    This article by B. Herderson was published in the July 1907 edition of The Strad, when Auer was 62 years old. Zoom in to the pages by clicking the + symbol and click the arrows to navigate

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    Vadim Gluzman on the 1690 ‘Leopold Auer’ Stradivarius


    In this video from the Czech Philharmonic, Vadim Gluzman recalls meeting the ‘Leopold Auer’ Stradivari 21 years ago and how it feels to play the instrument which belonged to the great violin pedagogue who tauch Mischa Elman, Jascha Heifetz and Nathan Milstein