Small Forces, Big Ambitions

Violinist Thomas Zehetmair online 1

The french orchestra recently launched its own digital-only label. The third release features soloist and conductor Thomas Zehetmair in a Haydn violin concerto alongside two string orchestra arrangements of Strauss and Bruckner, writes Gavin Dixon

The Orchestre d’Auvergne has gone digital. Earlier this year, it became the first orchestra in France to launch its own label, Orchestre d’Auvergne Live – a label numérique, the releases available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Its latest offering is a Haydn violin concerto, the C major, and string orchestra arrangements of the Strauss Wind Serenade and the Bruckner String Quintet, with Thomas Zehetmair as soloist and conductor.

The core of the orchestra is a full-time string section of 21 players – to which a wind section is often added – a scale that allows for both symphonic weight and chamber-like intimacy. Guillaume Chilemme, the orchestra’s leader, says, ‘We practise like a chamber group. It is like playing…

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