Ask the Teacher - Mark Bjork


The Suzuki teacher trainer and violin pedagogue advises students on how to keep the attention of a class, and emphasises the importance of repetition

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    Shinichi Suzuki’s international acclaim


    Casals, Galamian and Menuhin are just a few great string players who have expressed their admiration for the violin pedagogue, as illustrated by William Starr

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    How to practise a piece – 3 stages of learning


    Junior Guildhall violin professor Ivo Stankov continues his series on how to practise efficiently and effectively with tips on approaching new pieces

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    5 simple exercises to use when teaching young children


    Suzuki teacher Edward Kreitman shares important musicality exercises to incorporate into lessons with young beginners, in this extract from the September 2021 issue

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    Bringing the Suzuki Method to the UK


    In the 1960s and 70s, the Suzuki Method was already making waves around the world. Caroline Heslop writes about Helen Brunner’s challenge to bring the teaching method to the UK, in this extract from September 2000.

  • Helen and Nathaniel Stern

    Suzuki’s ambassador: Helen Brunner


    After encountering Suzuki’s teaching in the US, Helen Brunner was convinced it should be brought to the UK. That the task should fall to her seemed a matter of destiny, she tells Caroline Heslop, in this article from September 2000

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    What is Suzuki? Elements of the global teaching method


    In this extract from September 2012, Laurie Niles outlines the core elements of the Suzuki Method

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‘Suzuki kids grow up in an environment where everybody's supported and where difficult skills are broken down into something more achievable’
How the Suzuki teaching method has become an unparalleled success around the globe since its founding in 1945.

‘I ask students to relinquish their dependence on vibrato and focus on the expressive potential of the bow’
Why conservatoires should embrace Historically Informed Performance.

Cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca on how is latest recording project is designed to highlight the environmental challenges facing humanity

'The idea of applying a neural network to musical acoustics seemed quite far-fetched' The science of violin acoustics has encompassed 3D scanning, CNC technology and good old-fashioned tap tones - so why not AI software

'Shafran could replace a good number of shifts with a stretch, moving around the fingerboard in an almost violinistic manner'. Russian cellist Daniil Shafran was one of the 20th century's most distinctive musicians



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