This illustration of a violin by Sanctus Seraphin was published in The Strad, July 1974. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

Sanctus Seraphin of Udine and Venice was one of the most careful and exact craftsmen who ever made a violin. His fame rests on his magnificent copies of the 'grand' pattern of Niccolo Amati. The explanation of his faithful copying of the Amati model is, that at the time of Amati's death and for many years before, he was the most favoured maker in Italy.

Unfortunately no records exist giving the date either of Seraphin's birth or death, but it has been established on from the dates on his genuine labels that he was born in Udine, a town some 85 miles from Venice, around 1675-80.

The Seraphin illustrated was made in 1744 and has its original label dating from Venice. It is in a remarkably fine state of preservation and is an unusually flat and masculine specimen of Seraphin's work still covered with its original golden brown varnish.

The principal measurements are: Length of Body, 14 inches; Upper Bouts, 7 7/8 inches; Middle Bouts 4 3/8 inches; Lower Bouts 8 1/8 inches.