This illustration of a violin by Mathias Albani was published in The Strad, August 1974. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

Albani (1621-1712) was one of the outstanding makers of the Tyrolese school. Instruments of his early period are purely Tyrolean in style, and strongly resemble those of Stainer, but later in his career he came under the influence of his Cremonese contemporaries, especially Nicolo Amati.

It is most likely that Albani's teacher was his father (Mathias Albani, died 1673) who spent his entire working life in Bozen. The Albanis were quite a numerous family of instrument makers, and were prominent members of the Tyrolese school. Albani was active to a very advanced aged and was 91 when he died. He had a number of pupils, of which Johannes Jais of Mittenwald was the most prominent.

Mathias Albani was an excellent craftsman who selected his woods with the greatest care. His varnish is of excellent quality and of Italian character. Illustrated here is a remarkably well preserved example which bears the date 1694 on the maker's original label.