This illustration of an Amati violin was published in The Strad, April 1913. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

The large violins of Niccolò, nearly all of which are classed, though with questionable accuracy, as ‘Grand Amatis’, are decidedly rare and hard to meet with. In preservation this fiddle is almost without blemish, and the perfect state of both back and belly may be judged from the pictures, which show all the details of the work with rare distinctness.

The varnish is still abundant and of the beautiful golden yellow typical of much of the best work of the Amati family. The label is original, and the date 1654, in which year Niccolò would be 58 years of age.

Length of body, 14 inches bare; width of upper bouts, 6 5/8 inches full; lower bouts 8 ¼ inches bare; height of sides, 1 1/8 to 1 3/16 inches full.

There is an air of strength and solidity about the instrument which is quite foreign to the small examples. The corners, though more produced than in the ordinary Amati violin are hardly so elongated as those of some of the typical grand Amatis.

The belly is of the beautiful quality of pine; the maker seems to have made the bellies of most of his instruments from this material. The back is a picture, and made from native wood of small but very distinct and even figure.