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  • Hildur Guðnadóttir on the halldorophone

    Composer cellist Hildur Guðnadóttir on the halldorophone


    Guðnadóttir has created a number of prominent film scores in recent years, including HBO’s Chernobyl  miniseries and the new Joker  starring Joaquin Phoenix

  • Baseball_Violin1

    Glenn Donnellan plays his electric baseball bat violin


    National Symphony Orchestra violinist Glenn Donnellan plays the American national anthem at a Washington Nationals game on his 'Electric Slugger', an electric violin he made himself from a Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Skip to 1.30mins for the beginning of his performance. Subscribe to The Strad or download ...

  • BayerCello

    Futuristic cello projects videos and lighting displays


    High-tech polymer manufacturer Bayer MaterialScience has developed a prototype interactive cello. The instrument's polyurethane body can display videos or graphics, tell you when you’re out of tune, and keep you in time using a flashing metronome beat. The idea for Cello 2.0 emerged when Bayer MaterialScience asked its design partner, ...