Edwin_Barker cr Marco Borggreve

Technique: Phrasing musically under pressure


Principal double bassist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra; associate professor of double bass, orchestral studies and chamber music at Boston University College of Fine Arts, MA, US

  • Martin Outram, cr Melanie Outram

    Technique: Developing bow control for improved tone


    Violist Martin Outram on mix of exercises to help you draw out sound actively and attentively with the right hand

  • Yoda cello illustration

    Opinion: The Wisdom of Yoda


    In the Star Wars universe, Jedi Master Yoda is the ultimate teacher – and his insights can be applied just as readily to string playing as to learning the ways of the Force, writes cellist Brian Hodges

  • cover

    Paul Makanowitzky: From prodigy to pedagogue


    Swedish-born violinist Paul Makanowitzky ultimately helped create the American school of violin playing. David Hays explores his life and multifaceted career

  • T8277_Leonard Rose, American cellist

    Leonard Rose: All about the bow


    American cellist Leonard Rose was a consummate performer and pedagogue, whose velvety tone was the result of complete mastery of the bow arm. Oskar Falta explores some of his bowing theories and speaks to former students about his teaching techniques. From November 2020

  • Ophelie crop

    Technique: Speaking with the bow


    Cellist Ophélie Gaillard on how to use language, vowels, consonants and inflection to colour and shape every phrase

  • Figures 1 to 7

    Technique: Developing a controlled vibrato


    Exercises and ideas to build finger strength, improved tone and a continuous arm or wrist action, from violinist Lihay Bendayan

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‘When we're on stage we would die for our music’
The Pavel Haas Quartet gives a lively account of their first two decades together, and their upcoming Brahms recording, in conversation with Tom Stewart.

‘The first time I performed on stage, I hit a chord fortissimo and an embarrassingly large plume of rosin was lit up by the stage lights’
Celliest Billy Tobenkin’s passion for cello playing began at the ripe old age of 25. The late starter discusses the pitfalls and triumphs of his learning experience.

‘Of all the instruments I've owned, the "Baron Knoop" is the most happy-sounding’
Christian Lloyd talks to American collector David Fulton about his legendary array of old Italian instruments, including some of the finest Stradivaris in existence.

‘We are certainly looking to play the Gregson quartets again, having put so much work into them’
The four members of the Navarra Quartet talk to Tim Homfray about their latest recording of works by veteran British composer Edward Gregson.

‘We are very passionate people. We are confident, but without ever feeling entitled’
Jacqueline Vanasse reports on String Playing in Serbia where the approach to teaching and playing has a distinct ethos where individuality goes hand in hand with mutual respect.

In recent years, examining instruments under different kinds of light has become standard practice. Leonhard Rank shows what secrets can be revealed using fluorescence



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    In The Best of Technique you’ll discover the top playing tips of the world’s leading string players and teachers. It’s packed full of exercises for students, plus examples from the standard repertoire to show you how to integrate the technique into your playing.

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    The Strad Calendar 2022 showcases twelve of the finest instruments belonging to the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation.

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